The Smartboat Company is ready to launch its innovative, ground breaking range of products and services for the maintenance and cleaning of yachts and boats. Based in Palma, Mallorca, the Smartboat Company has many years of experience in the development of premier products utilizing high tech chemicals specifically developed for this marketplace.

This product range is designed to make maintaining and cleaning vessels offshore easy and effective, enabling all yachts and boats to look brand new at all times. This is the only product range of its kind where the attention during the chemical and system development process was totally focused on the maintenance and cleaning of vessels offshore. All products adhere to the highest ISO standards for both quality and environment, Quality Certification ISO 9001 and Environmental Certification ISO 14001.01.

Our product range

  • Odor and bacterial sanitizing range, The Enzy system
  • Outside/inside cleaning and surface protection range
  • Personal hygiene Range
  • Heavy duty cleaning and protection range even for mechanical areas
  • Special product range for indoor/outdoor cleaning and surface maintains and protection
  • Accessories and equipment

Our team

Our team comprise of chemical experts and boat manufacturers, all specialists in the maintenance and service of boats. We all share the same interest, boating and have combined 100 years of experience in this area.

If you are a captain, crew member, boat manager, running a maintenance company or a boat owner, you will find The Smartboat Company a completely new experience with regard to maintaining and keeping yachts and boats in peak condition all year round. Whether you choose to partner with us or we become your supplier you will not be disappointed!

Our Services

Provision of products and services for maintenance and cleaning of yachts and boats  /  Introduction and teaching of using our products  /  Monitoring and advising the customer’s results and his knowledge of using our products  /  Support and help to the customer / Development of new products and optimizing of work process.

  1. Teaching and Learning how to use our products

    The users, distributors and partners of The Smartboat company will be trained and receive the right education that gives them knowledge in basic chemistry, surface cleaning, surface protection, bacterial sanitising, environmental issues and health and safety.

    Once they have received their training they will be awarded a certificate that proves their skills. This education and training will be held onboard a boat suggested by you or in The Smartboat Company’s site in Palma de Mallorca.

    Therefore, boat owners, Captains who use products from Smartboat will be assured that their maintainer or crew have a good knowledge in keeping the vessel in good condition at all times.

  2. Monitoring of processes and advice

    Depending on the agreement or package the costumers has chosen for maintaining their vessel, there will be a different certificate to keep on board as proof that the boat has been continuously maintained at all times.

    We will continue to visit and educate people on board during both high season and low season making sure that everything and everyone is updated and comfortable with the results achieved using our products and services.

  3. Support and help 24/7

    All Smartboat Company customers will receive a helpline number where they can receive help and advice if something unexpected occurs. On this helpline you will also be able to make a timed reservation for a visit to your vessel to receive further education and advice on how to resolve any cleaning and sanitizing problems.

Our Vision


The SMARTboat Company

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Rob Mason
Project Manager
Phone: +34 620 303 836 • Email: • Englisch / Spanish
Jaqueline Lehnert
Jacqueline Lehnert
Cleaning Control
Phone: +34 646 509 583 • Email: • Englisch / Spanish / German / Dutch

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