The Smartboat Company cleaning and protecting hard surface system

The Smartboat Company have two main products to use outside on the boat. One for cleaning that leaves a thin layer of protective coating: Amazing BC. Another for spraying, use neat or diluted to build up a protective layer: R&S Polish. Both products contain the same synthetic micro/Nano protective resin (SMNPR).

These protective particles/molecules penetrate into the pores and seal the surface. Other waxes stay on top of the surface and do not penetrate into the pores.

Everyone has seen what happens with a car, boat or whatever you wash over and over again with strong detergents. The lacquer becomes dull and becomes harder and harder to clean. The water leaves spots and becomes very difficult to rinse off the surface till you are forced to spend more time removing these spots than to clean the boat from dirt. In the end you need to rub/polish the surface to make it shiny again, and if not, all new dirt will stick harder and harder to this surface.


A normal cleaner/detergent will never be able to get into the pores to clean the surface, although the surface will appear to be clean and the dirt still remains in the pores. Eventually the dirt left in the pores will become hard and will build up a thick layer of dirt resin. And in the end the pores are so full of dirt resin the surface is not looking clean and shiny anymore.


This highly concentrated product cleans any hard surface and when rinsed off leaves a synthetic micro/Nano protective resin in the pores. These protective particles will build layer by layer leaving a shiny and easier to clean surface every time you clean the boat. Normal Polish/Wax stays on top and can’t get into the pores they just simply stay on the surface and soon wash away.


This product does not have the cleaning power but leaves the same kind of Nano surface as Amazing BC. R&S Polish can be used neat in a spray to immediately get the protective Nano resins into the Pores and leaves a strong, shiny and protective surface. R&S Polish can also be diluted and used after cleaning all hard surface to give a fast extra shine and water/dirt repellent surface.

Special purpose cleaning and protective products.


This highly concentrated product is developed for cleaning on every hard surfaces inside and outside of the vessel. The product is only for removing heavy duty dirt and contamination and has to be diluted as recommended on the product label. 


EZ Seal is a sealant specially designed to protect all hard surfaces outside the vessel. It is highly recommended to use on windows and glass surfaces where it seals the surface and protects the boat the whole season. This very special product has to be used according to the instructions on the product label . By applying EZ Seal in the right way you will receive the markets strongest surface sealant.

1. Completely clean surface where the pores do not have any dirt inside them.

2. Dirt collected in the pores that normal cleaning products can`t reach.

3. AMAZING BC unique formulation penetrates into the pores. After rinsing with AMAZING BC leaves Nanoparticals inside the pores and layer by layer as you clean the Nano resins builds up more.

4. After 4-8 washing you have a hard Nano infill within the pores. This protects the surface and prevents dirt penetrating into the pores.

5. AMAZING BC is now building up extra protective layers on the surface and enables an easy clean and shine. Sunlight or mechanical wearing will damage the surface but each clean builds up layers upon layer leaving a high gloss shine.