General Details

R&S Polish
Rinse and seal polish

R&S Polish is a surface sealant product designed for building up a strong weather resistant and water repellent surface. The product is made for boats but can be used on all hard surfaces.

By using R&S Polish you will fill up the pores in the material and create a very strong protective coat that makes cleaning easier and also protects the surface from sunlight, dirty rain and pollution. The product prevents water spots after cleaning.

By using R&S Polish every time you clean the surface, the surface will stay shiny, repel water and protect against oxidation.

Directions for use: Dilute the product as below. Spray on or apply with a brush or sponge. Before the surface is dry make sure that the surface has been sponged or brushed and rinse the surface carefully with water. Remove eventual water drops with Smartboat Waffle Cloth.

Dilution rates with water:

  • 5 – 10° C — 1:5
  • 11 – 20° C — 1:10
  • 21° C — 1:15

Dilution rates are approximate. In warm weather and on hot surfaces always dilute 1:10 or more.



Safety Data Sheets – Just click on the link below and download the file as a PDF.






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