The Enzy System for odor and bacteria control on board.


  • As a captain, or member of the crew been worried about the owners or guests on board being uncomfortable due to bad odor in their cabin, bathroom, kitchen or social areas?
  • As a yacht manager or maintainer of a boat felt worried that the owners or guests will complain about bad odor when coming on board
  • Sensed a bad or uncomfortable smell when you re-enter the boat after being ashore?
  • Been worried about listeria bacteria or other contamination that can be spread around from air-conditioning systems or air-moving heaters?
  • Felt uncomfortable about smelly carpets or cushions?
  • Sensed a bad odor from sinks, toilets and showers?
  • Been forced to spray perfumed aerosols before moving into the boat?
  • Often used air fresheners to retain a pleasant smell inside the vessel?
  • As a private boat owner felt like you have to clean many places, before starting your time on board because of bad odor?

If the answer is YES!

The Smartboat Company Enzy system can offer an easy way of keeping the same high quality and safe environment on the vessel as in any office or home. Are you, crew or maintenance people educated in how to keep a healthy environment on board at all times? Is anyone on board educated in how to deal with eventual bad odor or bacteria contamination if this occurs?

If the answer is NO!

Do you want to spend your time on board in an environment just as free of bacteria`s and odor as at home? You will find The Smartboat Company Enzy system for odor and bacterial control on board very interesting. We believe so and therefore we have developed The Smartboat Company Enzy system.

Owners, captains and boat-managers legal responsibility


There is legislation and rules which require all estates such as offices, shops and rented homes to regularly be controlled, cleaned and maintained to avoid any dangerous contamination in the air, black water system, kitchens and wet areas ? This is the legislation and we are sure you are aware of this.But are you aware that on privately owned boats there are no similar regulations and therefore boats often tend to be smelly and damp when they have not been used for even a short period of time. It is also your responsibility as an owner or Captain to make sure that both guests and crew are not working / staying in an area contaminated with unhealthy air.Many boat and yacht owners these days really do care about health and safety and for this reason are choosing to use the unique Enzy System. Of course, everyone wants to have a non-odor and healthy environment inside their vessel, but many will use unsuitable products and systems in an attempt to cover up odors – we call this “odor masking”.

Odor masking vs. odor and bacterial neutralization

To mask is to increase overall odor intensity in order to forcibly “cover up” an existing malodour. This means introducing a new odor that is more powerful smelling than the problematic odor you wanted to eliminate. It results in a further bombardment of perceived scents that does nothing to eliminate the source of the original malodour.

The Smartboat Company has developed a system that will remove and neutralize bad odor, bacterial contamination and disinfect the whole boat, including the ventilation system. This is achieved without using any alcohol based short term solution products or bleach/chlorine products, both of which are environmentally harmful, very unhealthy and dangerous for people.

The system contains a two-step chemical reaction treatment that will leave the boat odorless and free of bacteria. Failing to remove this bacteria will cause bad smells and an unhealthy environment on board leading to infections.

The system is scientifically proven and all scientific documentation regarding the chemistry of the system and descriptions of specified chemical reactions is provided.

First of all!

Our product does not contain any hazardous chemicals that could harm people or the environment.


This will be performed by specialists approved / certified and trained from The Smartboat Company, look out for their certification proof of education.

The step one treatment will take about 24 hours from start to finish on boats up to 90 feet. Yachts above this size can be treated in part or at one operation. An agreement will be done after consulting the Captain or the owner for agreements of operation.

We offer members from the crew or the maintainer of the particular boat to join us during step one, where they will receive training and education in health and safety regarding the environment on board and how to uphold this healthy environment.


They will receive both practical and theoretical training in how to continue to keep the vessel free from bacteria and bad odors. They will also be given education in how to handle accidental contamination from leaking toilet systems, water leakage and spillage from food, pets or anything else that can easily happen on board. On top of this they will receive education in how to read and understand safety data sheets and package labels.


  • Disinfect Black water tanks to avoid any bad odor and bacteria growth in the tanks.
  • Treat and clean refrigerators and freezers from bad odor and bacteria.
  • Disinfect the air-conditioning systems, hoses, filters and neutralize all bad odor coming out from the system caused by contaminated pipes, hoses, ventilators, filters and electrical fans.
  • Odor removal on all hard and soft surfaces inside the boat coming from sources of bad odor and bacteria, this means all ceilings, walls, cushions, carpet and floors, toilets and shower areas.
  • Odor removal from cabins, salons and other areas suggested by the customer.

After this total makeover of the internal environment there will be equipment and chemical products left on the boat, enough to keep the vessel odor free for approximately 3 months or more. Of course, depending on any new spillage or minor accidents, creating new sources of bacteria and odor.

These products will be available to purchase from The Smartboat Company at any time if the vessel is running out of basic stock.

The package also includes free consultation for 10 months regarding any new odors or bacterial issues occurring inside the vessel. If this occurs, due to accidents or spillage after the treatment, we will give best advice on how to deal with it, but a new treatment is not included in the package price. If your maintainer/service company or crew attended the first treatment they will have received the training and gained knowledge on how to deal with the new problem. If not, we are on hand free of charge to advise them how handle the situation.


This is a shorter repeat of step one that will take about 4 hours on boats up to 90 feet. This will be performed inside a period of two months after step one. Of course, by appointment and made so that it does not interfere with the use of the vessel. People can during this step stay on board. In this step we will measure, control and repeat some treatments to make sure that all areas are still in perfect condition when it comes to odor free and bacteria free issues.


To neutralize is to eliminate or cause malodorous molecules to be imperceptible on a molecular level through direct counteracting measures with an additional compound, in this case our essential oil compound comprised of plant, flower, and tree extracts and our Enzy based on natural enzymes **( see below).

Malodour molecules are with our system changed through chemical interaction, called odor-pairing or encapsulation, into a new molecular form. In this way, the malodorous molecule is lessened to the point of non-existence as it has been broken down beyond recognition and the bacteria which is the source of odor is neutralized.

When the essential oil compounds are volatilized into the air as a dry vapor, they react directly with odorous molecules in the air. This molecular, chemical interaction gives an effectively neutralize organic malodorous surfaces the Enzymes will cling on and create “good” bacteria that will digest the “infected” bacteria until they are gone. When there are no more bacteria the process stops without any residue nor waste since the chemical reaction will transform contamination to become water and carbon dioxide.

Dry vapor compounds have high mobility in the air and are able to safely penetrate porous substances such as wall board, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, fabrics, upholstery and other surfaces.

Here are a few examples of some organic odors sources Smartboat Enzy system is known to effectively neutralize: Mold, pets dirt, urine, smoke, fire, garbage, sweat, wastewater, black water odor, sour/old food, food and drink spills and many more.

What are Enzymes and how does Enzy Liquid work?

Enzy Liquid is using a non-pathogenic “good” bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and malodours. The bacteria do this by producing enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules (wastes, soils) into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces become “food” for the bacteria. The bacteria consume these soils and breaks them down into two basic compounds: carbon dioxide and water. The bacteria grow in numbers and continue to consume the soils until their food supply diminishes (the soil is gone), then the bacteria population decreases until there is no more contaminated waste to break down. The left over is just some non-contaminated dust that can be vacuumed or rinsed off if needed. Enzy Liquid contains the enzymes Proteases, Lipases and Amylases and breaks down protein-based molecules such as blood and food, fat molecules, oils and greases and also starch molecules. There are many benefits to use Enzy Liquid:

  • Safer for the environment and human health compared to other chemical products.
  • The micro-organisms (bacteria) can penetrate into very small cracks and crevices and eliminate soils and malodours that traditional chemicals often cannot remove.

The bacteria and enzymes are left as residuals and can keep working for up to 80 hours after application, ensuring that soils and malodours are fully removed.

  • Through natural competition for food a resource, the non-pathogenic “good” bacteria help to displace pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, which benefits human health.

Enzy Liquid is great in various applications. It can be used as general surface cleaners, restroom cleaners, carpet spotters odor eliminators and more. Enzy Liquid is especially good for use in air conditioning systems and other places where it is impossible to clean by spraying or vacuuming. Also, in restrooms as it can eliminate malodours caused from urine and easily penetrate into grouted surfaces to remove soils and malodours that have worked their way into the grout. Enzy Liquid is safe on all kinds of surfaces and does not leave any stains.