Your air conditioning system is harbouring germs and bacteria especially inside the trunking that supplies the ventilation. You are breathing this bacteria into your lungs. It is impossible to clean unless the ventilation system is dismounted or replaced. This could increase contamination even more and for sure be costly.

The Smartboat company have produced an enzyme product that kills and removes Germs and Bacteria from the air-conditioning system without removing any fixtures or fittings. The Smartboat Company uses a specially developed machine to cleanse the ventilation system. By running the boats air-conditioning our machine vaporises the enzyme product which is drawn through all the hidden places of the air-con system and removing all bacteria, smells and germs.

On smaller vessels a family are living in a more confined area and this will cause cross contamination as air is pulled over the coils in an air conditioner, condensation is produced. This moisture will create an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to grow and if not treated regularly could contaminate the whole boat.

In addition the waste tanks/sump boxes/Kitchen/bathroom sink drain aways and fridges should be treated.


Keep your kitchen and bathrooms free of germs and bacteria. Take up our offer to treat your boat.


Our Atomizer enzyme machine will kill all mold spores and bacteria circulating around your Aircon system.
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Waste Tank

Regular cleaning of your Waste Tank with our ENZY liquid will kill all Bacteria and prevent bad smells.
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Following on from our success treating large ships we can now offer the same service to smaller Yachts. Send us an email for more information. A small cost for peace of mind and safety.

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