The maintenance and cleaning boat market varies from harbour to harbour, boat to boat and from one maintenance company/crew to another. The reality is, crews/companies/people who have to maintain and clean boats and yachts, costing millions, are faced with a myriad of options from which system and chemicals to use to what, why and where to use them.

We at The Smartboat Company ensure that all customers have a well trained staff and crew. We know only too well that cleaning a boat or yacht requires much more than just dusting, spraying some cleaning detergents, or brushing and rinsing. To clean a vessel correctly and keep it looking ‘new’ year after year necessitates using bespoke products specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning boats. We have invested expertise into developing a brand new product range specifically designed for the boat and yachting industry. We supply products, education and systems that will make everyone, boat owners, captains, crews, and maintainers

Your Training

The users, distributors and partners of The Smartboat Company will be trained in basic chemistry, surface cleaning, surface protection, bacterial sanitizing, environmental issues and health and safety. Once they have received their training they will be awarded a certificate to prove they have undertaken training and acquired skillsets necessary to use the products. This education and training can be held on board a boat suggested by you or in The Smartboat Company’s site in Palma. Therefore, boat owners or captains who use products from Smartboat will be assured that their maintainer or crew have a sound knowledge in keeping the vessel in good condition at all times.

Your Agreement Package

Depending on the agreement or package the customers have chosen for maintaining their vessel, there will be a different certificate, to be kept on board, as proof that the boat has been continuously maintained at all times. We will continue to visit and educate people on board during both high and low seasons ensuring that everything and everyone is updated and satisfied with the results achieved using our products and services.

All Smartboat Company customers will receive a helpline number where they can receive help and advice if something unexpected occurs. On this helpline you will also be able to make a timed reservation for a visit to your vessel to receive further education and advice on how to resolve any cleaning and sanitizing problems.

We give an introduction of our product range to the customer

We train the customer in how to use our products

We monitor the customer’s processes and give advice

We support and help the customer 24/7